About Rob

A portrait of Rob Migchels

Hi there, my name is Rob Migchels. I was born in Helmond, a small city near Eindhoven, the Netherlands. These days my life and work are based in Eindhoven, where I work with clients from all over Europe.

What I do

Since 2019 I have been the founder of BePublished, a specialised WordPress agency that helps media houses, non-profit organisations and companies who do good things for our world.

I’ve been making websites for more than 10 years, since I was a teenager. In 2010, I was introduced to WordPress and it changed everything. Since then, I’ve been making websites powered by WordPress and I am proud that it’s now the open source software that is used by over 31% of the web.

What I love

I am an advocate of freedom of the press, privacy rights and action against climate change, and I believe in a world where we can overcome our challenges by cooperating with each other to strive towards a better future. I volunteer for Bits of Freedom (a digital rights organisation in the Netherlands) and Eindhoven News (a local news outlet targeted towards internationals in the region).

Traveling is another love of mine; it’s my goal to travel outside of the country at least 31 days a year. Some of my travelling highlights are Chernobyl, the Alps (especially Slovenia!) and Egypt. I’m a PADI Rescue Diver and I try to dive wherever I can.

Last but not least: most things tech related capture my interests. I am working on making my home a smart home in a privacy-conscious way and keep myself up to date with the latest gadgets and news. Just in case you were wondering what I spend my hard earned money on…

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