Hi, I’m Rob

I’m a creative developer focused on a sustainable, people-first internet. I am the co-founder and team lead at Wepplin, a digital agency specialised in custom WordPress solutions.

Every month, I organize a WordPress Meetup in Eindhoven, Europe’s leading innovative region.

Connect with me:

Portrait of Rob Migchels

What I do

I’ve been making websites since I was a teenager. In 2010, I was introduced to WordPress. Since then, I’ve been building websites powered by WordPress. From humble beginnings where I created small websites for local communities back in 2010–14, I progressed to starting my professional WordPress career in 2015. Today, I am building WordPress websites that receive millions of visitors every year.

Whilst every website I’ve built is different, they all share my common principles:

  1. Small in file size. A smaller website means a faster website and a smaller carbon footprint. From data centres to transmission networks to the devices that we hold in our hands, it is all consuming electricity, and in turn producing carbon emissions.
  2. Easy to use. Technology should increase productivity, not your stress levels. At every step of the process of building your website, I think about the impact this has on the people who use it.
  3. Quality that lasts. WordPress is great, but ridden with bunglers that quickly churn out websites. I pride myself on creating websites that look and work as great on day one thousand as they did on day one.

Curious what that looks like? Get in touch with me and I will gladly show you my portfolio.

Who I am

By now you know my name, Rob Migchels. I’m 29 years old and I currently live near Eindhoven, the Netherlands together with my lovely fiancée, Rachael. In my spare time, I enjoy being in the nature, whether that’s hiking, scuba diving or relaxing in a hammock. Other than that I also enjoy the occasional videogame or a good series.

I care a great deal about the environment and privacy rights (which is why I’m not tracking you through Google Analytics!). In the past I volunteered for organizations such as Bits of FreedomMilieudefensie, and Eindhoven News.

Last but not least: most things tech related capture my interests. I’m working on making my home a smart home in a privacy-conscious way, recently bought a 3D printer, and keep myself up to date with the latest gadgets and news.