Rotten Tomatoes, for food.

My fiancée is vegetarian and I too aim to eat as much veggie as I eat meat. In the Netherlands, and especially in the south, vegetarian restaurants are hard to come by. Most restaurants offer vegetarian options, but they are often an afterthought it seems. While watching Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, I got the idea of a Rotten Tomatoes, but for food.

The idea is simple, you take Rotten Tomatoes, a website that aggregates both professional and amateur reviews for film and television, and gives it a score from 0% to 100% on its Tomatometer. Zero percent is very rotten, while 100% is certified fresh. Now take this idea, but apply it to restaurants and take it one step further, leaving space to filter on veggy-friendliness, which in my eyes requires more than just a mushroom risotto or a vegetarian burger on the menu, just sayin’.

This article was posted as an idea. I am filled with ideas for businesses, side projects, and other kinds of ideas. Seeing as my week contains just as many hours as yours, and I cannot possibly work out every idea I have got, I decided to share my ideas in the open space. Feel free to use, remix, and distribute my idea for private and professional usage. I would appreciate the credits, but even that is up to you. 

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