My Services

My services are available through BePublished, Mediacooks or both, depending on your business’ needs. Both companies offer a different service and they are not competing. Please read carefully to decide which option is a better fit to your needs.

How BePublished can help you

BePublished is a specialised WordPress agency that helps media houses, non-profit organisations and companies who do good things for our world. BePublished can help you with managing and defining digital experience, provide managed WordPress hosting and offer hands-on support. We also provide WordPress consulting for select clients. Unlike Mediacooks, BePublished only works with WordPress.

Please see the website of BePublished for more information and how to get in touch.

How Mediacooks can help you

Mediacooks can help your organisation connect with your clients through a great customer experience. This starts with a good strategy and a customer journey. From there, Mediacooks monitors this journey and makes adjustments when needed. Mediacooks helps organisations optimize their revenue stream through more and better conversions. Unlike BePublished, Mediacooks has a whole array of tools at it disposal, not just WordPress.

Please visit Mediacooks’ website (Dutch only) for more information and how to get in touch.

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